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Ben Kweller write-up/Random other stuff

Well, I just finished up watching the IT Crowd Series 2 first episode- HILARIOUS! hahahaha I haven't laughed so hard in a while. And Noel Fielding right off the bat! Didn't see any Matt Berry though, wah.

I was SO busy this week at work, and I loved every minute of it. Thursday, I had to lead activities with a day care group who came in, which was a handful, but lots of fun. I had a really productive week, and lots of projects for next week too.

Oh right, Ben Kweller! It's a week removed now so sadly I can't remember most of the details, but I do rememer that I don't want to go to Denton again for a show. Haha. The venue was really cool, VERY small- Jazzy and I ended up at the furthest point away possible (by choice) and stood on this little ledge, and we still weren't far. We saw over everyone's heads and it was really cool.

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Does anybody else remember a series of books called "Scary Stories to Read in the Dark"? They had the CREEPIEST illustrations, and they always scared the crap out of me. I remember reading them in elementary and middle school at sleepovers. Haha. They're great stuff. I really want to try to either find my old ones or buy them again.

Every day on the train I see a big "3:10 to Yuma" billboard- I can't wait to see this movie! Christian Bale and Russel Crowe in a western? Kick ass! Also every day on the train I see 3 cute guys who all get on at different stops. Two get off at the hospital, and I never see the third get off- it's weird because he gets on the same car as I do, which is the last car, and you have to get out at the front door of that car, and I generally sit towards the front - that way I usually don't have to sit next to anyone because they'll always go to the back to look for a seat on their own rather than settle for sitting at the front with someone - and I never see that guy get off the train. It's a mystery. (Coincidentally, "It's a Mystery" is another song by Little T and One Track Mike.)

I need to clean my room today. Boo hiss.

But YAY WEEKEND! I can't wait til Sunday and the new Conchords episode! :-D
Well, I guess it's about time I wrote up this mother, so let's go!

Unfortunately, we don't have pictures- we had a security lady who was WAY too serious about her job. Bluh. BUT I will do my best to describe with flowing and visual language all of the goings-on. ;)

First I will start with a story that made my whole concert day sort of stressful. I drove in to work, which was unusual, I usually take the train. But it was fine, I went early, not a ton of traffic. Well, around 9:30, we heard a series of loud booms and the building shook a little. We all thought it was the construction workers upstairs, taking down scaffolding. Well, turns out it was this, a huge explosion about 2 miles from the building. We looked out the east windows and saw a HUGE cloud of smoke coming up from what looked like just behind the train station. We all ran up to the fourth floor to get a better view, and we could see fireballs exploding and it was all very bizarre. We thought we may have to be evacuated but it turned out we were far enough away that the gases wouldn't affect us.

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The End. :D

"Thanks for not forgetting the Trav."

Alright, I'm tired as all hell right now but it was the most awesome show ever and it was just a completely amazing day.

Some points so I don't forget when I do the whole write-up tomorrow:

* Fran breaks capo, slightly ruins dramatic entrance.
* Guy proposes on stage just before Flowers.
* Andy is awesome, even if maybe he shouldn't have climbed up on the Orange.
* I am a loony.
* Franny babbling, oh how I love him. Also, wearing your own band's t-shirt at your gig? Awesome.
* Met Neil afterwards, Jazzy to tired to wait for rest of band.
* Still AWESOME.

Hopefully I remember all the little details tomorrow because I am just too worn out to do this tonight.

I love you all. :):)

The Departed Doritos

Alright, I laughed WAY too hard at this. Probably because I knew the actual lines word for word. Hahahahahahaaha. Lame? Yes. It's a mini-Riff of the Departed.

Thanks Michael J. Nelson! (and random other dude)

The Number One Threat? BEARS.


Seriously, that's frightening. The best part? "1. Teddy bear face designed to be reassuring."

Yeah, because as soon as I get blown up by a missile, I want to see a giant walking robotic teddy bear coming at me. I'll feel so reassured.
Oh to the My God.



It doesn't have a chance because it's midseason- but PLEASE. The British one is GOLD and Joel McHale is in this, not to mention effing RICHARD AYOADE.

Decatur: It'll do.

Who knows if that will work. But I swear as soon as I find a real sign with that slogan on it, I'm taking a damn picture. (I've seen a few "unofficial" signs with "We Like It Here" on them, but I want a welcome sign, dammit!) I have a sneaking suspicion that the particular sign in that piece is a photoshop creation. But that is honestly the slogan.

Anyway, we went to Springfield today to take my dad to the Amtrak station so he could get to St. Louis so he could fly home. It's even more complicated than that but I'm not going into it. haha.

Mom and I went to the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, it rocked. A lot. Then we explored Decatur a little. We found the lake and the mall, where I'll be working, and where my apartment will be. We also found the Target, which also included the Starbucks (Drive-Thru! Sweetness!) and a brand new Olive Garden. Swanky. We ate there. Well, we took it out and ate it at the hotel.

A few observations:
- Everyone in Illinois has personalized license plates. What's that about? Do you not have to pay for them in Illinois? Anyone have any info on this?
- Corn and soybeans, they weren't kidding.
- I like all the green, it's pretty here.
- I crossed over the Sangamon River today! Also gonna take a picture of that next time, because I'm a huge dork. It's famous cos it's in a song! HAHAHAHAHA. Wow. Me= doofus.
- Gas here is horribly expensive, more than at home. Wah.
- I saw some really funny things on the way up here, mainly in Missouri. Like "HUZZAH VALLEY" Camping ground. Again, wanted to take a picture, but didn't. Also, a town called "Rolla" which I kept thinking said "Holla." So I would always say "HOLLA!" when I passed the mileage signs. Hahahahahahaha.

All for now, we're trying to find something decent on tv to watch. I'm still pretty pooped from the drive.

I love you all- will update again after my first day of work on Tuesday, woo!

Call For Songs

Hello Friends.

I have a loooong drive ahead of me. It's about 20 hours to Decatur, most of it probably by myself (my parents are driving their own car). This will require lots and lots of music, obviously.

So, I'm asking you, the viewer, to send me songs! Or albums! or... whatever! :)

And let me also say that it doesn't necessarily have to be music, it can be spoken word stuff (comedy, whatever) also, that's also fun to listen to on a drive.

We can make it like a song trade if you want, for every song you send me, i can send you one back!

So, hit me with your rhythm sticks, people. Pretty please, with sugar and a cherry on top? or, if you don't like cherries, maybe sprinkles? Cadbury Flake?

I love you all! :)
Whether it's drawing a complete barnyard scene on my notes in Interpretation, or passing notes to April and Susan during Art History, I always find a way to keep myself entertained in class.

Today, I decided to share that entertainment with others.

In Research Methods, we have to present someone else's thesis as our own. The thesis I chose was actually pretty cool, it was called "Reconceptualizing Environmental Exhibits: Postmodern Critiques of Natural History Museums" and it was all about how the current practicies and theories of exhibits concerning environmental issues don't really connect the audience to the problem, blahblah. I won't go into details, but I thought it was really well written, and an awesome subject.

Well, today I presented it. And here is my concluding slide:

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Anyway, it made everyone laugh (which was its intended purpose), and Dr. Briggs had no idea who he was so it was extra funny. Hahahahahaha. He said, "Is that Edward Abbey?" Um, no Dr. Briggs. Hahaha. I love it.

Going home tomorrow!!! YAY! Happy Easter, everybody!

edit: OMG Will Arnett is on 30 Rock! Joygasm!!!!!
edit 2: Yeah, 30 Rock is pretty much the best show EVERRRRRRRRR.

Decatur, or, Round of Applause for ME!

I got the internship in Decatur!!!!!!